Grand Prize

TRY 5.000 (Five thousand TL)

Second Prize

TRY 3.000 (Three thousand TL)

Third Prize

TRY 2.000 (Two thousand TL)

Honorable Mention

TRY 1.000 (One thousand TL)

Ford Trucks Special Award

TRY 1.000 (One thousand TL)

Jury Special Award

TRY 1.000 (One thousand TL)

Performance Prize

TRY 500 (Five hundred TL)

Exhibition / Purchase

TRY 300 (Three hundred TL)

Maximum 10 works will be approved by the jury for exhibition. Ford Otosan will purchase the works approved for exhibition and other selected works from the rest of the photos participating in the contest. Ford Otosan will have the right to use the photos purchased in return for TRY 300 under aforementioned conditions.

View Results

Deadline for Applications: 31 October 2017, Tuesday
Time: 23.59*

Jury Assessment: 4 November 2017, Saturday
Time: 14.00

Announcement of Results: 11 November 2017, Saturday

*Applications submitted after the deadline will be excluded from assessment.

Results will be announced on corporate website and
dedicated contest website.