1. Name of the contest:

Ford Trucks International Photography Contest

2. Subject of the contest:

"Life of the Truck Driver- Make Roads More Bearable Through Your Eyes" It is a photography contest, open for all professional and amateur photography artists, in which the participants will tell the lives of truck drivers by living with them, seeing with them and show them to all photography lovers.

3. General Terms of Participation:

  • All photography lovers, except Ford Otomotiv Sanayi A.S. (hereinafter will be shortly referred as Ford Otosan; Ford Trucks is a registered trademark of Ford Otosan), project partners and sponsoring companies, members of selection committee and their immediate relatives, can participate in the contest.
  • Photograph(s) that have been awarded with a prize, honourable mention or special prize in any other previous contest or in any contest organized concurrently with our contest cannot participate.
  • Contestants can participate in the contest with maximum 4 (four) artworks.
  • This is an international contest and open for all photography lovers older than 18.
  • The photos to be submitted shall not be in contradiction with the laws of Turkish Republic and general rules of ethic. These photos will be eliminated directly without any notification and, if necessary, legal prosecution will be applied. Laws and (in case of a dispute) courts of the Republic of Turkey shall govern.
  • It shall be assumed that the participants have undertaken that the photos that they submitted do belong to them and they have been designed and shot by them. All legal and criminal liability arising any contradicting action shall belong to the contestant. Ford Otosan does not assume any legal liability regarding the content of artworks submitted for the contest.
  • The right to use the photos, which were awarded with a prize and honourable mention in the contest and which were purchased, shall belong to the owner of the photography and Ford Otosan. Ford Otosan may use these artworks (by paying the announced prize or purchase price) together with the name of artwork's owner for promotional purposes online and in any other similar virtual platforms as well as printed documents, such as catalogues, booklets, sheets, inserts, ads, calendars, posters, books, magazines, etc. Owners of the artworks hereby represent and agree that they shall not make any claim for any other fee for these artworks in any capacity. Ford Otosan shall be entitled to use all photos other than the awarded ones, which were submitted for the contest, in printed and visual media as well as virtual platforms in accordance with the purpose of the contest and together with the owners of these photos.
  • Any liability, such as royalties, consents, etc. for the living and non-living objects found in the photos, shall belong to the person that took and/or submitted the photo. Persons that submitted the photo hereby represent and undertake that they have taken all consents, needed for the persons, vehicles, venues, artworks, concepts, etc. that might be available in the photos, and they are liable for all disputes that might arise out of them. Ford Otosan shall not be liable for disputes that might arise out of these photos.
  • Organization or selection committee is entitled to reject the application or not to assess it in case it is found out that any application is in contradiction with these rules.
  • Degrees and prizes of photos, which do not meet these terms and conditions but were assessed and awarded with a prize, shall be deemed invalid and these prizes might be received back with accrued interests.
  • Short edge of the digital photos, which will participate in the contest, shall not be longer than 15 cm and the long edge shall not be longer than 40 cm. The contest is performed in digital platform (online) and no printed photos shall be accepted. Photos must be submitted without passe-partout and margins. The participant is free for the method of expression. S/he can use shooting techniques in any manner desired.
  • Contest participation shall be in digital platform. Photos to be submitted must be in JPEG format. They must be shot at the highest resolution allowed by the camera. Their sizes must be decreased for participating in the contest and they will be submitted by being uploaded to the designated website together with the form. Sizes of the photos to be uploaded must be between 500 KB and 2 MB. High resolution versions of photos, which will be awarded with a prize, honorable mention, special prize and exhibition right and which will be purchased, will be requested from the contestant at the end of contest. The prize and all rights of the contestant, who fail to submit high resolution version of the photo within 5 days, shall be cancelled. This shall not require to change the ranks of results. The awarded degree is cancelled and its rank is left empty.
  • File names of the submitted photos shall be created as the nickname, order number and name of the artwork respectively. For example, the contestant of which nickname is 28062012, shave save the artwork named "roads" as (28062012-1-roads.jpeg). No Turkish characters such as “İ, ı, Ö, ö, Ü, ü, Ç, ç, Ğ, ğ, Ş, ş" shall be allowed in the name of artwork.
  • Participant agrees, declares and undertakes that the artwork that he/she has submitted does belong to him/her and all consents were taken. Participants, who received a prize and who were found to act in contradiction with these representations and commitments, are required to return all prizes, titles and any other achievements that they received.
  • Prizes, titles and any other achievement that the participants has acquired will be cancelled and revoked in case the participant makes any intervention and modification other than simple corrections (dusting, cleaning, contrast setting, colour adjustment, acutance, cropping, etc.) on the photo that was submitted to the contest or in case the participant tries to show that the photo belongs to him/her despite of the fact that it does not.
  • In the contests limiting the participation of the awarded photos, the person who has submitted such a photograph or artwork in which the key element of this photograph is used (violation of the rules) cannot participate in the contest, if it is awarded, it is cancelled and taken back.
  • Participants, who are still prohibited from participating in the contests due to the reasons described above, cannot participate in this contest.
  • Ford Trucks branding, trucks and/or services should be placed into the artworks you are sending for the competition.

4. Categories:

The contest covers the colour or B&W photographs transferred to digital / digital environment.

5. Application channel:


Photos must be uploaded to above mentioned website, the application form available on the said website must be fully completed, contest terms and conditions must be agreed and submitted online. If you mark the ‘Agree’ box, it is assumed that all terms and conditions are accepted. Ford Otosan cannot be held liable for technical problems, interruptions and any other adverse event that might occur during the applications. Ford Otosan shall not issue any confirmation for applications.

6. Selection Committee:

  • (Names are in alphabetical order) 
  • Coşkun Aral / Photojournalist, Documentary Producer, Contest Supervisor
  • Barış Anayurdu / Ford Trucks District Sales Manager
  • Görgün Özdemir / General Manager of Otokoç Otomotiv Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş
  • Murat Dirlik / Ford Trucks Art Workshop Coordinator
  • Murat Gür / Photography Artist
  • Nevzat Çakır / Photography Artist
  • Özer Kanburoğlu / (AFIAP) Prof. Dr. - Head of Photography Departement - Faculty of Fine Arts - Istanbul Aydın University
  • Vahit Mahmatlı / Chief Editor of Taşıyanlar Magazine

Contest Coordinator: Murat Dirlik 

Contact: E-mail muratdirlik@windowslive.com

7. Contest Schedule:

  • Final Participation Date: October 31,2017 Tuesday at 23:59 
  • (The system will not accept the applications made after this time) 
  • Selection Committee's Assessment: November 4, 2017 Saturday at 14:00 
  • Results Announcement Date: November11, 2017 Saturday 
  • Results will be announced at the corporate website  www.fordtrucks.com.tr and www.fordtrucksphotocontest.com, which will be specially prepared for the contest.

8. Prizes:

  • First: 5.000 TL (Five thousand TL)
  • Second: 3.000 TL (Three thousand TL)
  • Third: 2.000 TL (Two thousand TL)
  • Honourable Mention Prize: 1.000 TL (A thousand TL) 
  • Ford Truck’s Special Prize: 1.000 TL (A thousand TL) 
  • Jury’s Special Prize: 1.000 TL (A thousand TL) 
  • Performance Prize: 500 TL (Five hundred TL) 
  • Exhibition/Purchase: 300 TL (Three hundred TL) 

The number of artworks found worthy for exhibition by the jury, shall be 10 maximum. Ford Otosan shall purchase the artworks, which were found worthy for exhibition, and other photos among other participating artworks that are found eligible. Ford Otosan shall be entitled to have the right to use these photographs, which are purchased by paying 100 TL, under the terms and conditions mentioned above. Awarded contestants will be notified by Ford Otosan via phone and e-mail. Performance Prize will be given to the contestant, who has the highest number of photos awarded or exhibited according to the contest results. In case there is a tie in the number of photos that received an award and were chosen to be exhibited, the contestant that received a prize together with the right of exhibition or whose prize amount is higher will receive the performance prize.

9. It is assumed that all participants have agreed with the terms and conditions written herein. Contest participation is free of charge.

View Results

Deadline for Applications: 31 October 2017, Tuesday
Time: 23.59*

Jury Assessment: 4 November 2017, Saturday
Time: 14.00

Announcement of Results: 11 November 2017, Saturday

*Applications submitted after the deadline will be excluded from assessment.

Results will be announced on
www.fordtrucks.com.tr corporate website and www.fordtrucksfotografyarismasi.com
dedicated contest website.